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Meet the team

Heath Jackson

  • Consulting Arborist
  • BSc Hons, Man Sci
  • Awarded Cert Arb L4 & L4 Dip ABC
  • Completed ABC Arb L6 Merrist Wood

Heath has recently completed her Level 6 qualification (degree equivalent) in Arboriculture at Merrist Wood Agricultural College. This makes her well qualified to undertake Tree Risk Management Assessments, either as part of a Tree Risk Strategy Plan for managing trees on residential property or estates, whether public or private, and for Tree Surveys in accordance with British Standards assessing tree biomechanics and tree protection measures in line with Planning Requirements.

Heath uses a quantified approach to tree risk management using established methodologies and frameworks to consider, systematically, the potential hazards and the likelihood and impact of failure regarding the protection of life and property. This includes advice on the duty of care for the landowner and recommendations for risk reduction measures.

Her former career spanned several decades in the City, including 7 years as an executive director at an AIM listed PLC.

Simon Alcock

Simon trained in chainsaw operations both in aerial and ground work and can advise on crown reductions, crown lifting or thinning, selective branch removal and general pruning. His knowledge is invaluable alongside Heath’s to provide clients with dynamic risk assessments and tree risk reduction options.

Berty Woofington

Our loyal, very enthusiastic, fun loving flatcoat retriever.

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Our Story

With a love of the environment, we started out, as many do in our industry, with the hard graft of tree surgery alongside trusted experienced colleagues learning our trade along the way. There were those thorny issues of how to deal with a completely rotten, crumbling tree in a tight spot in a back garden, invariably right next to a greenhouse or neighbour’s new fence where dropping a branch would have a serious consequence. As time went on we learnt about the differences in the biomechanics of different species, of the implications of pests and diseases and the best way to manage trees to keep people and property safe. With less of a head for heights, Heath returned to agricultural college and studied to degree level to take more of an in-depth look at tree risk management and it is the consultancy side of the business that she focuses on.

Our Services

Tree Risk Management and Consultancy

Following a recognised approach to tree safety in line with the National Tree Safety Group’s guidance, we aim to provide a common sense and balanced approach to tree risk management in order to take account of the enormous contribution to biodiversity that trees make whilst considering the impact to human health and property.

We conduct tree surveys and inspections and safety reports to assist in the compilation of Tree Risk Management plans and can provide advice to reduce risk whether in a small residential garden or in a public park or amenity. We are able to arrange aerial inspections where needed.

We can undertake resistograph assessments to determine the structural integrity or the extent of decay at a particular point of a tree.

We can produce Tree Reports (BS 5837) in relation to design, demolition and construction for planning purposes and monitor and advise on site as works progress.

Tree Works and Management

We can provide a variety of tree works operations with qualified tree surgeons to prune or reduce canopies, remove diseased hazard limbs and deadwood or fell dangerous trees.

We can undertake bracing for unsupported tree limbs and forks.

With dedicated staff for stump grinding, we have powerful grinding machinery to remove any size of tree stump.

With regard to tree health, we can provide soil decompaction and management through air spading and can supply quality mulch to increase tree health.

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) Removal

If you spot an OPM infestation on your property, you should first report it to the Forestry Commission via opm@forestry.gsi.gov.uk These pests can cause serious ill health and should not be touched by the public. With the correct training and equipment to hand, we are able to remove and destroy nests for you to help prevent further spread.